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We are continually adding to our Motorhome FAQs. If you have a question or a topic you’d like answered and it is not covered in our FAQs contact us and we will endeavour to answer.

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about fridge
Q. What setting does the fridge need to be on when I am driving.

A. Before you set off ensure that you switch the fridge to draw its power from the motorhome vehicle battery once the engine is running.

Q. The fridge is making a continuous beeping sound.

A. The likelihood is that the fridge door is not shut properly. Give it a firm push and it should cease to beep.

about water
Q. How do I know how much fresh and potable water I have in the on board tank?

A. You can access this via the control panel above the motorhome door. Press the top RIGHT button once for fresh water (S1) and twice for potable water. It will display either 0%, 33%, 66% 100%

Q. Is it safe to drive with a full tank of water?

A. No, please empty fresh and potable water before you drive the vehicle.

Q. I have filled up the water tank and THERE IS still no water COMING from the tap/shower.

A. You will need to switch on the water pump, top left icon, via the control panel above the motorhome door.

Q. I am having problems getting the hot water to work?

A. First you will need to open the gas locker and open the valve by turning this clockwise until it no longer turns.
Secondly you will need to switch on the water pump via the control panel above the motorhome door.
Lastly you will need to ensure the hot water selector on the Truma boiler control panel is set to either eco, high or boost depending on your requirements.

Q. The water pump and is making a constant rumbling noise.

A. If the water pump persists in making a pumping noise then switch off. You’re fresh water tank is likely to be low or empty. Fill up the fresh water tank turn the water pump on via the control panel and this will remedy the problem.

Q. How do I know if the garage/gas storage area is locked?

A. The external storage areas will only be safely locked once the handle is pushed in and sits flush to the lock.

pre trip checks
  1. Ensure all of there windows are shut and locked. They are made of plastic and if the wind catches them this could prove an expensive oversight.
  2. Ensure the mobile router aerial is down. The vehicle height is above 3m when this is fully extended and will be an expensive hazard.
  3. Ensure that you switch the fridge power to the motorhome battery once the vehicle engine is started.
  4. Ensure all cupboard doors are locked and heavy items are not stored in overhead lockers.
  5. Ensure all passengers and dogs are wearing seat belts.
  6. Ensure the gas valve is turned off in the external gas locker.

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